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Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave is a software firm that was established in Seattle in 1989. Rogue Wave began by developing class libraries for C++ and has since engaged in developing tools for high performance software.

Rogue Wave is named for a phenomena in which constructive interference causes an unusually large wave to appear. Unexpected rogue waves can appear in relatively calm waters and have been known to swamp ships. Scientists have measured rogue waves over 80' and legends tell of rogue waves reaching toward 100'.

Rogue Wave went through of a series of IPOs and mergers from 1996 to 2007. (See Wikipedia drawn 11/2015 for details).

Rogue Wave became an independent company headquartered in Louisville, Co in 2009.

In 2010, RogueWave acquired Acumen Software which creates the ThreadSpotter tool for analyzing thread performance on servers.

In October 2015, RogueWave acquired Zend Technologies which makes the Zend Studio product used by PHP developers.

The Zend Server is the primary development engine for PHP. For that matter, the preferred way to develop PHP applications is to install Zend Server and Zend Studio on a local PC or local server and then upload the files to your web host.

PHP is currently in the process of issuing release 7.0 which promises to dramatically increase server performance; so this is a momentous time for Rogue Wave.

In 2019, Clearlake Capital and Perforce Software acquired Rogue Wave.

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