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Udi's Gluten Free

Udi's Gluten Free, by Boulder Brands (NASDAQ: BDBD), is a leader in developing gluten free foods. Udi's provides the gluten free crust used by Pizza Hut.

The thinking of last century was that grains were a concentrated source of protein. Nutritionists encouraged us to eat a diet heavy in grains. Our high carb diets appear to have led to an unhealthy obesity epidemic.

Current thinking is that the human body evolved to eat more greens, nuts and other proteins and that a diet with heavy grains is not natural. Gluten, which is the sticky stuff founde in wheat, became suspect early in the new health phase.

While the long strains of gluten are great for cooking, gluten seems to be extremely rough on our colons. Gluten sensitivity seems to be a leading cause of celiac's disease.

Gluten is not the only harsh protein in the grain world. Barley contains hordein, Rye contains secalin, Corn contains zein and Oats contains avenin*.

Nutrition is complex. Replacing bread with corn tortillas may not lead to desired weight loss or other dietary goals.

In the video below, Molly Sims talks about benefits of a gluten free diet:

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