<== Site of the Week for 2009-11-13 ==> is a platform for publishing digital photos. LifePics allows the public at large to upload digital photos. People can then order professional quality prints from professional photo finisher across the country and pick up the photos within an hour.

The program allows professional photographers to upload and sell photographs. The programs is especially popular with event photographers who can upload photographs of the event and make a few dollars selling photographs of the events.

RitzPix: 10 Free Prints

The platform is used by a number of professional photo finishers including RitzPix (Ritz owns Ritz Camera, Wolf Camera and Inkleys), Olan Mills, Office Depot and a large number of professional photographers and photo labs. LifePics offers opportunities for small photo print shops to join their network.

Over all, LifePics demonstrates how the Internet is able to build relationships between a variety of companies, small businesses and consumers.

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