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Xeroshoes is a Boulder based company that promotes "barefoot" running. They offer a selection of sandals and minimalist shoes with flexible, yet durable soles that allow your feet to feel the path without being cut by rocks or debris in the path.

The company started with a sandal making kit. The kit included sole material that you could cut to the size of your feet. The kit includes laces for attaching the sandal.

The company appeared on Shark Tank but did not receive any investment capital.

The company recently expanded into minimalist shoes. This shoes come in standard shoe sizes and include a toe guard.

I ordered a pair of shoes in 2020. The shoes were about a half size small. I found that I can get the shoes on if I go without socks.

Xeroshoes guarantee its shoes for 5000 miles. I looked up line. Web sites claim that there's between 2,000 and 2,500 steps in a mile. The shoes should be good for over 12,000,000 steps.

I have a pedometer and will put my shoes to the test. I've averaged well over 10k steps a day this year. I will photographing the souls of my shoes every million steps. I will put the full step diary on SteemIt (and or HIVE).

I cross the million step mark for on March 27, 2021 and here is the first photo:

This video talks about the different between the 4mm and 6mm shoes. PS, I went for the 6mm because I use them on a trail through limestone and I want the shoes to last longer.

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