Tracking Details for Ad #149

This report shows tracking details for ad 149 (Big Shot Bikes). The ad updates every other hour. The "Y" column shows if ad is currently assigned to the target, The "IPs" row shows unique IPs. "Views" show unique Page Views. I charge $25.00 for 100,000 page views. Hits is the hit count.

Target Hits
Web SiteTargetYStartEndIPsViewsHits
Boulder ColorCyclingN4/16/201710/16/2017237708
Colorado ColorCyclingN8/7/201710/1/20171717
Colorado Springs ColorCyclingN4/15/201710/16/2017100233
Denver ColorCyclingN4/16/201710/16/2017215660
Fort Collins ColorCyclingN4/15/201710/12/2017161365
Grand JunctionCyclingN4/15/201710/15/2017232677


The sites have displayed this ad 2660 times. I have tracked 0 hits. This is a click through rate of 0.0 percent.