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WebRoot Software is a privately held software company from Boulder that provides software to help protect your computer. Webroot offers antivirus, antispyware, firewall and parental control software.

A virus is simply a company that replicates itself. Some viruses do malicious things like delete import files or they might take control of your PC and use it for DDOS attacks. All viruses consume precious computer resources.

Webroot has won numerous awards for its Spyware Sweeper application. Spyware refers to a class of software that monitors a computer user's behavior then tries to make money for the spyware host by either selling information about you or by directly manipulating your computer's behavior. Many of the free toolbars, free music downloads, and coupon web sites include spyware.

I always think of Spyware and Viruses together. Most companies sell their antispyware and antivirus as separate products. When spyware first came out a small number of analysts claimed that spyware was a legitimate mechanism for funding software development. For example a company might offer a screen saver or animated smiley cursor. They could offer the product for free, and make their money by installing spyware on your computer. The market quickly went haywire. There is now a large number of web sites that try installing extremely intrusive spyware on machines.

Spyware ends up costing consumers thousands of dollars in computer repairs. IMHO, spyware has had a ill effect on the software download business, because you now have to worry about downloading any computer program off the internet as you never know what it may contain.

BTW, a large number of the Free Spyware Removal tools are actually spyware. Most of the free internet toolbar programs on the net are the same. It is a shame.

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