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Discover Steepware at The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot is dedicated to bringing quality loose leaf tea to the American market. The company offers a wide assortment of teas along with innovative vessels for steeping the perfect pot of tea.

The steepware collection includes a variety of reusable devices that let you steep tea in your cup or mug. The tuffy steeper is a silicon unit that you can place in any cup or mug. The steeper allows ample room for the leaves to flow. The speciality mugs and cups use a simple three part design to help infuse your drink with quality teas.

The company also offers advanced automatic tea pots that include a counter weight and timer to assure the proper steeping time for your tea.

Loose leaf tea tends to cost less than tea bags. Drinking Loose leaf saves all of the bags, strings and packaging required by tea bags.

Gourmet, antioxidant rich tea
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